welcome to our web & graphics design boutique.

We are all about providing you with the RIGHT design solution for your business — at the RIGHT price — so you can keep an eye on your cashflow, yet still enjoy the flexibility and exclusivity of custom-tailored results.

For the business owner who wants to make an impact on the world wide web and who wants the job done by people who genuinely care... we are a good fit.

From an ambience of calm and level-headed professionalism, to warm and highly-personalized customer service, we strive to provide a haven for those who appreciate well-conceptualized designs, well-managed projects and timely deliveries... executed without stress, distress or indifference.



value-conscious design packages

Specially packaged to offer custom-tailored results at off-the-peg prices



we are creativity with heart

Each piece of design has a story to tell. And we love the happy endings.



amy allen meyer
Shoi was so pleasant to work with and besides that, she is very good at what she does! She listened to my ideas, understood what I wanted to achieve and brought it all to fruition.


maxine dunn
Just the way you gave such exquisite attention to every detail, your incredibly fast response time, and how wonderfully you communicate…I feel blessed to have found you.


we are a team of passionate yet grounded creatives & geeks who understand that the collective whole is greater than the sum of our individual abilities.

What does this ultimately mean for our clients? Cohesive results and a seamless experience.

Beyond merely closing a sale, completing a design job or delivering an order, we believe in walking the extra mile to make each experience exceptional for you.



“I approach the start of each project with the belief that the end result will be extraordinary.”

~ shoi ~


From beginning to end of each project (and everywhere in-between), we're paying attention.



We treat our clients like valued friends... with respect, warmth, honesty.

We have made a commitment to LISTEN closely to what you really want, be FLEXIBLE to your needs in an ever-evolving business environment and RESPOND accurately — because we believe in making it easier (and more rewarding) for you to do business with us.



kim tanuvasa
Before deciding on a web designer I researched many websites. I found myself continually drawn to several sites designed by Shoi for their artistic and esthetically pleasing appeal. Shoi did not disappoint and delivered exactly what I wanted, and at the same time made the entire process painless for a newbie like myself.


patrice robson
I have never connected with anyone else, either professionally or personally, who communicated so thoroughly and who always created exceptional results. I've said this many times but the depth of my belief just gets stronger: You are a huge gift to us!