how shoi works. her approach.


Hi, I’m Shoi.

Since we’ll be working closely together the moment you entrust your project with us — here’s a quick overview to give you an idea of what you can expect from us.


a time- and cost-effective approach…

I consult & communicate exclusively via email — no phone calls/skype, no face-to-face meetings. Our projects are also briefed, managed, executed & delivered 100% online, via the internet and emails.

We created this business model to keep our costs low and pass these savings along to our clients, wherever they are in the world (the majority of my clients are from the US & Canada). Our success rate for completing projects to clients’ expectations is exceptionally high.

Most of our designs come in pre-packaged deals (fixed costs, fixed scopes, no surprises) so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting and can plan your budget accordingly. Out-of-package scopes requested by the client are charged separately as add-ons.

We have, additionally, built 3 “failsafes” into our design processes:

1.   “right client | right designer” fit

At the very outset, before an order is placed, a prospective client is encouraged to view our design portfolio & client testimonials.

Design is an extremely subjective matter, and those who find it difficult to “connect” with me or my designs are encouraged to work with other designers who are emotionally & visually more attuned to them.

2.   clear design brief & communication

A comprehensive, customized questionnaire will be furnished after receipt of your order. Our questionnaires are the cornerstone of an effective & efficient brief-taking process that thoroughly clarifies your design preferences, expectations & project requirements.

I’m committed to LISTEN closely to what you really want, be FLEXIBLE to your needs in an ever-evolving business environment, and RESPOND accurately — because we believe in making it easier (and more rewarding) for you to do business with us.

3.   design choices & efficient processes

Our website packages include stylescapes (style mockups) and graphic packages include 2-4 design options. All our design packages come with 2 rounds of free edits. Here’s an example of a typical work sequence for a website design + build project:


step 1 » website brief

  • You purchase the website design package
  • I’ll schedule a start date for your website brief
  • We’ll do the briefing exercise together
  • After the brief is completed, I’ll fix a start date for your website design + build

step 2 » website design + build
  • I’ll create a stylescape (style mockups) for your new website
  • You review & approve the website styles
  • My team will build your Home page & inner page templates based on approved styles
  • Then we’ll create web pages and load-in & style web content for optimum presentation
  • We’ll also implement backend to integrate/support required website features – eg. opt-ins, contact forms, etc – and run a series of testing & debugging of our technical installations
  • We’re now ready for your website reveal + final website tweaks/edits
  • You do a final website review & sign off on the project
  • We’ll launch your website — Your site is now LIVE!



You also have my personal undertaking & guarantee that once you come onboard, we share the same goal: to see our project through to a successful completion.